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Ken Omega – “Codename: Paradise” – New Trap Hip Hop

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“Codename: Paradise”


‘Round here,
It’s really nice!
I’m try’na tell ya…
It’s Paradise!
We got it bumpin’!
We Donald Trumpin’!
That whole hood…
We got it jumpin’!

Verse 1

Show me the King! What tomb he in?!
It’s so many foes that wanna do me in!
‘Heard the street came across a beat, and ain’t
find no heat. So they flew me in!
‘Clip cock to the head bop!
Fuck around, get a red dot!
Y’all don’t hear me, can’t get near me. I’ll
Flex a drop at a dead stop! an it’s
nuff O’s I’m countin’! It’s like I
went and turned on a fountain! ‘Cause it
Rain hard when the Rap God step
down off that mountain! And put the
Three-Peat on Repeat! Get it
wavy now like Fleet week! Mic
Crisis! I’m “Isis”! I’m
aimin’ at ya widda Heat Seek! Go
tell’em ’bout it!


‘Round here,
It’s really nice!
I’m try’na tell ya…
It’s Paradise!
We got it bumpin’!
We Donald Trumpin’!
That whole hood…
We got it jumpin’!

Verse 2
doe, man, I clock it! Ain’t no
small bills in my pocket! I
cash out, and then dash out and reach
mad far like a rocket! I’m
Kim Jong! I’m deadly! Don’t
try to get to friendly! Might
creep down yo’ street in that
back seat o’ that Bentley! I’m the
fog lights in the haziness!
Come through with the craziness!
Stay invisible to the Feds, man. The
way I roll be the Swayziest! Like
Chem-trail, I’m vapor! I’m
Bitcoin, no paper! I beat
deadlines! And make headlines say:
ready know!


‘Round here,
It’s really nice!
I’m try’na tell ya…
It’s Paradise!
We got it bumpin’!
We Donald Trumpin’!
That whole hood…
We got it jumpin’!

Verse 3

Big clap, wit the nose cap!
Guaranteed to make toes tap!
Pay attention! This is Style Ascension to the
Next Dimension! You Knows that!
Some, they choose to just stay high.
I don’t know. I can’t say why, when the
Black Drones in the grey sky stay
self-aware off “A.I.”!
Water flowin’ that won’t ebb!
Ken Omega, it might be said, I’m the
next stage of the tech age, you can
find me on the world wide web!
Some gon’ hate. But that’s their pain! The
One I’m in ain’t the “care lane”! I
Bust it up, and then I jet back to the
beach house in the airplane! I’m
gone, baby!


‘Round here,
It’s really nice!
I’m try’na tell ya…
It’s Paradise!
We got it bumpin’!
We Donald Trumpin’!
That whole hood…
We got it jumpin’!

© Ken Omega 2017 – Money Makin’ Music – ASCAP

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The Brazilian Cuica and How It’s Played

The Brazilian Cuica is a percussion instrument that makes one of the most unique and fascinating sounds in all of music. “Cuica” is a Portuguese word, pronounced kuweeca“. If you’re not sure what it is, you have probably heard one in a song, and simply didn’t know it was a cuica. Especially if you like samba or other Brazilian music. Stories vary as to the exact origin of the Cuica. However, most researchers agree that it can be traced back to the Bantu speaking tribes of Central and Southern Africa, whose culture was interrupted by the  slave trade – particularly that of the Spanish and Portuguese. The  cuica (or its predecessor) is said to have been used as a male lion call. Since it’s timbre mimics the tones of the female lion during mating season.
In this video, Kurt Rasmussen gives a great demonstration on how the cuica is played. And then goes into further detail on how the distinct sound of the cuica instrument is achieved. If you are looking to purchase a cuica, click here or on the image below the video, to shop great deals. Thanks for stopping by!

by Ken Omega

Kurt Rasmussen demonstrates the Brazilian Cuica percussion instrument.

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Downtown Science – Room to Breathe


It was the Summer of 1991. A great time to be young. The Classic Hip Hop Era was in its Hey Day.  And this song rocked all season long – even continuing into the Fall. It was a great time to be a part of Hip Hop music. Nightlife in New York was like it had never been before and never will be again. People from all areas and interests were meshing together in the clubs and loft parties. Grooving to roots, rap ,reggae and soul. Everything from the lingo, to the clothing style, to the music, dance and writing on the wall, had been cultivated and brought to blossom by the youth. We had invented a lifestyle. One so strong, its influence can still be seen in most every aspect of our culture today. Evidence of what the power of a movement can do. Especially a Youth Movement. This post is dedicated to youth everywhere. Here is “Room to Breathe” by Downtown Science. Shout out to!

On Tour With Downtown Science


The Downtown Science Tour with Big Audio Dynamite (a group comprised mostly of former members of the British punk rock group, The Clash) went on for pretty much the entire summer in 1991. During that time, Bosco Money (me) and Sam Sever were seldom back in New York City. Some heart warming news was when we heard that DJ Red Alert, who was spinning  weekend nights on 98.7 Kiss FM at the time, was opening and closing his 3 hour show with “Room to Breathe”.

“Room to Breathe” was, and probably still is, the best known Downtown Science song. But all the songs off the self-titled Downtown Science album, that we performed while on tour, went over really well with the different crowds we encountered.

Having the opportunity to travel on the road and bring our music to thousands was the experience of a lifetime. And there are many memories from that journey that remain etched in my mind. One in particular, was how “80’s orange and brown” our LA hotel rooms were. Another was how big the steaks were in Texas – and how many steakhouses are in that state. The list goes on.

I’m thankful to Russell Simmons, and the staff at Def Jam for all the work they put into packaging up the singles and the LP and getting them into the stores. And I’d like to send a shout to all the College and Commercial Radio DJ’s whom we met along the way, that showed so much interest in our music.

The Downtown Science LP (Def Jam / Sony)

All in all, the Downton Science Tour with Big Audio Dynamite was a fantastic time. It was an opportunity to travel and get paid, doing what I love. And I can think of few situations that could be considered more rewarding when evaluated in that respect. It was a pleasure, and a musical adventure working with my partner, Sam Sever. And I hope the music of Downtown Science will continue to be remembered for years to come. Thanks to our fans for all your support!


Ken Omega aka Bosco Money.