Downtown Science – Room to Breathe


It was the Summer of 1991. A great time to be young. The Classic Hip Hop Era was in its Hey Day.  And this song rocked all season long – even continuing into the Fall. It was a great time to be a part of Hip Hop music. Nightlife in New York was like it had never been before and never will be again. People from all areas and interests were meshing together in the clubs and loft parties. Grooving to roots, rap ,reggae and soul. Everything from the lingo, to the clothing style, to the music, dance and writing on the wall, had been cultivated and brought to blossom by the youth. We had invented a lifestyle. One so strong, its influence can still be seen in most every aspect of our culture today. Evidence of what the power of a movement can do. Especially a Youth Movement. This post is dedicated to youth everywhere. Here is “Room to Breathe” by Downtown Science. Shout out to!