The Late Day Sun – Poetry and Lyrics by Ken Omega alias Bosco Money


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Ken Omega alias Bosco Money is best known in pop culture as the Vocalist from the early nineties rap duo, Downtown Science, and a graffiti writer who bombed New York City streets, subways and trucks in the 80’s and 90’s. Compiled here is a series of poems and lyrics, some recognizable, others obscure. Yet fans of his work and newbies alike are sure to be satisfied with the wit and wordplay Ken Omega displays. The first half of the book is poetry, all of which is recent; roughly 2012 – 2014. The book’s second half, consists of Ken’s lyrics, which range over the whole 25 year period. Those songs written as either Ken Omega or Bosco Money are tagged accordingly. Dates of each piece are listed as well. Here, compiled for the first time, is an uncut, raw dose of the Poetry Pope. Enjoy!

The Edge of Town
by Ken Omega

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Looking back on when I stood
on the edge of town,
wishing that somebody would
tear the fencing down,
that kept me a prisoner
to a way of life
often which had brought me to
contemplate a knife,
gun or maybe sleeping pills;
anything would do
it was just too painful there,
that was all I knew.
Everything I wanted seemed
just so out of reach…
Brooklyn on the edge of town
ain’t a pristine beach.
Why did I remain so long,
failing to depart?
Is a question that I find
lost within my art.
Never had the bread to put
everything in place
so what little cash I had
simply went to waste.
Sublimating my great urge
to be far away,
trying hard to close on each
girl who gave me play.
Breaking night so frequently;
barely took a nap;
Heaven only knows how I
didn’t get the clap.
Now that I’ve moved on from that
dark and lonely state,
my decision is to not
leave things up to fate.
We all have a destiny.
I shall master mine.
Send them back their Masterscript;
make them change my line.
Good enough for Hollywood,
good enough for me…
Tell the messenger to try
Trailer Number Three.
Knock a little louder, I
might be sleeping sound.
If I fail to answer, then
try the edge of town.

© Ken Omega 2015

Children In The Sandbox
by Ken Omega


Children in the sandbox

Playing, making noise

One of them was haughty

He had all the toys

One of them was shallow,

She was by his side

Others called her shameless

She took that in stride

Of the ones remaining

One of them was smart

Made manipulation

Of the rest an art

Then there was the rebel

He was very loud

He would protest Haughty

Right before the crowd

Finally the last one

Skinny, shy and small

He spent most of his time

Near the outer wall

All the information

On its way abreast

Certainly would reach him

Well before the rest

What was haughty planning?

Was there any note?

Would there be a castle?

Would there be a mote?

And what of his maiden?

Was she still in tow?

Or was she off sneaking

‘Round with Rebel Joe?

Then one day the Skinny

So became the word

Passed on to the others

What they had not heard

There’s another sanbox

Just across the way

We should all leave this one

And go there to play

Haughty, he turned humble

Gave away his toys

Shallow one, she started

Eyeing other boys

Haughty though he pleaded

Could not change her mode

Rebel couldn’t stand it

He just hit the road

All you heard was laughter

From the modest one

Turns out it was he that

Was the smartest one

Spying others’ weakness

From the outer wall

Is how he was able

To control them all

Sitting there in silence

Toys and shallow mate

Haughty one off sulking

Over by the gate

Skinny had a notion

Lighting his cigar…

Children in the Sandbox

That is all we are.

© Ken Omega 2013

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